british bricks
  • british bricks

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      The impressive volume of research and detailed explanations of each brick make this book an insightful read. A thorough record of British brick history. 


      David Kitching uses the named examples to look at the development of brickworks in Britain and the wide range of bricks that they made. From the single kiln in a field to the massive continuous kilns and chimneys that grew in areas where the right clays were available, millions of bricks were produced to feed the demands of housing, transport and industry. Specialist requirements for bricks to resist high temperatures were met by using fireclay and silica rock for refractory bricks. Today there are far fewer producers, but their output can be enormous and modern works continue to supply the demand for the humble brick.


      Publisher: Amberley Publishing

      Author: David Kitching.

      Dimensions: 235mm x 165mm x 8mm

      Pages: 96

      Weight: 275g