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gas holder

    gas holder

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    • matt grey cast iron brick - 2024

      LIMITED EDITION - Only sixty available per year.


      Our multifunctional cast iron bricks celebrate London landmarks built using a combination of these two historical materials.


      This brick represents the stock brick tanks and cast iron columns of the King’s Cross gasholders; where the two materials once formed a structure that both stored gas and provided the centrepiece for the largest gasworks in the country. The elaborate classical details and proportions of the ironwork were deliberate features used to showcase the importance of the St Pancras Gasworks in its Victorian heyday. Visit the structures today to see the care and craft involved in fabricating and repurposing this Victorian structure.


      Sand cast in East London by the family-run foundry, James Hoyle & Son, which was established in 1880 and encompasses age-old traditional casting methods that have been handed down from generation to generation.


      Sprayed & engraved in North London by Furnells who have forty years of experience in specialist engraving with a reputation in the capital for superb craftsmanship.


      Cast in small batches.

      Year engraved on reverse.


      Dimensions: 110mm x 50mm x 30mm

      Weight: 1200g

      Finish: Sprayed grey with matt lacquer finish.

      Use: Bookend, match striker, coin tray, paperweight, doorstop.

      (Note: Due to the process of sand casting iron and the finish colour, slight blemishes may occur).

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