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power station

    power station

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    • golden brown cast iron brick - 2024

      LIMITED EDITION- Only sixty available per year.


      This bespoke cast iron brick celebrates the unique Golden Brown Pressed bricks from which the iconic Battersea Power Station was originally built.


      The Golden Brown Pressed bricks used to construct Battersea Power Station were produced by a firm founded by the World War I hero, Captain E G Spencer-Churchill, a cousin of Winston Churchill. As part of the recent restoration of the fondly named ‘Temple of Power’ that same company were tasked with hand-making over 1.3 million bricks to match the originals, ensuring the character of one of the largest brick buildings ever built has been preserved.


      Sand cast in East London by the family-run foundry, James Hoyle & Son, which was established in 1880 and encompasses age-old traditional casting methods that have been handed down from generation to generation.


      Sprayed & engraved in North London by Furnells who have forty years of experience in specialist engraving with a reputation in the capital for superb craftsmanship.


      Cast in small batches.

      Year engraved on reverse.


      Dimensions: 110mm x 50mm x 30mm

      Weight: 1200g

      Finish: Sprayed brown with matt lacquer finish.

      Use: Bookend, match striker, coin tray, paperweight, doorstop, ornament.

      (Note: Due to the process of sand casting iron and the finish colour, slight casting imperfections may occur).


      The 2023 'Lift109' Battersea Brick is only available at the Lift 109 store and online here. Each individually engraved with the edition number marking the refurbishment of this industrial London landmark. Grab one before they go!

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