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We are proud to say our limited-edition iron bricks are made in East London by family-run foundry James Hoyle & Son. Established 1880, encompassing age-old traditional casting methods that have been handed down from generation to generation. 

During this collaboration we have been lucky to work alongside the 5th Generation of Hoyle’s and their skilled team who are keeping traditional manufacturing techniques alive in the capital.

The foundry is located in a row of industrial buildings alongside Regent’s Canal with the historic Bethnal Green Gasholders in the background. This site is a hive of industrial activity glowing away in East London, the doors are open, and the furnace is lit from six in the morning.

The slideshow below captures the process of making our 2020 limited-edition bricks.

51°32'03.8"N 0°03'30.9"W


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