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Here is an insight into a fellow London maker @Lucocoa who collaborates with us on our London Brick bar!

Amarachi founded Lucocoa in 2015 after realising that the market lacked breadth and depth and was  dominated by poor quality chocolate.

On discovering that cacao, just like wine and coffee, could deliver intricate flavours when processed well, Amarachi decided to move away from a market that offered over-roasted and emulsified blends of bulk generic cacao and refine the process. In making her bean to bar chocolate she removed all ‘nasties’, omitting refined sugar and replacing it with unrefined coconut sugar and Peruvian lucuma fruit.

In November 2019 we met Amarachi and in collaboration launched a limited-edition run of two hundred and fifty dark chocolate bricks. These rapidly sold out so in 2020 we launched the first London Brick bar made from Lucocoa’s award-winning 70% Dominican Republic chocolate.

Lucocoa’s factory now operates beneath a set of railway arches in Bermondsey. It is here that our brick chocolate bars are made in small batches over three days, using only the rarest and finest Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans. Pop in for a visit on a Saturday when they roll up the shutter and open for trade!


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