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brick index


Brick Index is a collection of named bricks and the unseen makers’ marks stamped by brickworks from across the UK. It celebrates the humble brick, relishing the textures, colours and graphics debossed into their ‘frogs’. This collection serves to rethink a ubiquitous material and honour the graphic stamps hidden all around us.

The book features 155 bricks photographed by Inge Clemente, printed in actual size, accompanied by an index that states the time, place and maker of each brick. Texts include an introduction from David Kitching, a brick historian and an essay from Professor Rick Poynor titled “Brick Haikus".

The bricks in the book are ordered in terms of their richness of colour. This isn’t purely an aesthetic decision, it actually displays them geographically too, as bricks are coloured by the natural clay available in the area they are made. Thus, the book helps us understand the geology of the UK as well as its industrial history. But, of course, the Brick Index primarily revels in the sheer beauty of the bricks, their unique textures, printed in actual size and in vivid LED UV print - it presents an ordinary material as something extraordinary.

The bricks featured came from an architect’s personal collection, Jason Harris of T-Space Architects. Jason has come into possession of the majority of the bricks recently and was excited by the idea of encapsulating the heavy, cumbersome collection into something a little more portable.



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