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ghost signs
  • ghost signs

    • A London Story

      Ghost signs are fascinating pieces of urban archaeology. Imposing yet hidden in plain sight, these faded advertisements are London’s history written on to the contemporary cityscape. They reveal fascinating stories of everyday life in the capital and each sign has its own tale to tell – not just of the business it represents and the people behind it, but of its own improbably survival.


      A feast of history, typography and the urban environment, Ghost Signs: A London Story showcases London’s most impressive and historically significant faded painted signs, located, photographed and presented with archival andother contextual images.


      The opening section shares insights into topics such as production techniques, economics and preservation, whilst the themed chapters take on subjects including building, clothing, entertaining, branding and, ultimately, burying the city.


      Publisher: Isola Press

      Author: Sam Roberts and Roy Read

      Introduction by Wayne Hemingway

      Dimensions: 255mm x 195mm x 20mm

      Pages: 320

      Weight: 980g

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